When Was Jesus Born–Is There a Specific Day?

On Friday, July 1, 2011, Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, was the guest speaker on BBC Radio Four’s ‘Thought for the Day’ program.  In sharing his thought, the Rabbi said: “…in one sense life is a lottery, because none of us chooses when and where to be born.”   For y...

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British Author Launches Book on When Jesus Was Really Born!

Discover the Real Birth Date of Jesus Christ! British Author David Hamshire Launches Book on The True Birthday of the Messiah David Hamshire, an author from United Kingdom, has made a shocking revelation that will impact Christians all over the world–”When Was Jesus REALLY Born?”. ...

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When was Jesus REALLY born?

For centuries, possibly for nearly two thousand years, the question as to when Jesus was born has been hotly debated.  Many theories as to when Mary gave birth to her firstborn Son have been discussed but there exists, as far as I’m aware, no universal acceptance. Indeed, for the majority who be...

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